• 1990 Weltprint company establishment - monochromatic machine Color metal

    • 1993 new duotone machine Komori

    • 1999 installation of the printing machine Roland-Record in format 70x100


    • 2004 with Slovak Republic entry into EU-timed investment in creating prepress division of CTP center for the production of digitalprinting plates 
      - Purchase of color Heidelberg Speedmaster 74 CD with direct access via a remote computer


    • 2005 creation of post-press division
      - Installation of paper cutter Polar, folding machine Stahl 50x70, 70x100 GUK and automatic sewing lines ST 100


    • 2009 purchase the most modern and the most productive printing machine Komori Lithrone S-440 H in format B1 the firstprinting press in Slovakia with the fully automatic setting up of printing plates, is also equipped with scanningspectrophotometer and constitutes the highest level of equipment in version EH (Europen High Spec)


    • Weltprint company in its current form with its excellent printing quality belongs to the absolute top of the world market

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